I believe that celebs signed themselves up for a life of fame and in that industry it is known you will have many fans always wanting to know what you are up to whether or not it is in your zone of privacy.

and in these case please also mention cases that were referred to in the judgments of these cases.

The most personal details of their lives are splashed all over the front pages of the National Enquirer and the Globe. people using this right. These cases of famous people whose lives are, for the most part, still private, prove that it’s possible for fame to be based on achievement rather than intrigue – and all celebrities should be treated this way.

Even Hollywood A-listers like Matt Damon and Julia Roberts have managed to avoid the gossip mill.
Celebrities don't have the privacy an ordinary person has. Celebrities are known to be open about their lives, but the media invades and publicizes the private matters of a celebrity’s life Do you think that celebrities deserve privacy 1. The argument that celebrities should have no privacy often boils down to the fact that people really enjoy celebrity gossip, that celebrities are rich and famous and thus get great benefits by being celebrities, and that celebrities somehow consented to this Faustian bargain by becoming celebrities. Celebrities should be able to keep their private lives safe and out of the press. Being in the spotlight itself can have a negative effect on celebrities. Do celebrities have rights to privacy should their private lives be open to press scrutiny?

This essay will illustrate the rights of the celebrities’ privacy.
Some people think that famous people should have private lives as ordinary people. They have their own families, friends, and lovers who always stay with them to share their moods and give them motivation. please analyse hello v douglas case, campbell v mgn ltd, a v b plc, campbell v frisbee. please also write about the data protection and its importance in answering the above question "If I have a star on my books that has always desperately kept themselves private, then they deserve greater protection," he says. You should spend about 40 minutes on this task Write about the following topic: Some people feel that entertainers (e.g. The press have spent their career trying to get their audiences the inside story of celebrities' public and private lives.

The press have spent their career trying to get their audiences the inside story of celebrities’ public and private lives.

Even a celebrity's family is hauled into the spotlight.

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