It really does depend on where you are in the country. im 13, need money. The national minimum wage for 16 year olds is £4.05 A minimum rate should be £3.00 an hour.

Apprentices working full-time are officially only paid £2.68/hr, and adults with families to raise are paid just £6.30, so it surprises me to hear that a paper-round pays 13 year-olds with no dependents and no tax liabilities as much as £2.75/hr. paper round is the only thing i can do.

A minimum rate should be £3.00 an hour. It's a pittance, but we have a low wage economy.

It is possible on a 7 day round to rake in over £100 a month - serious money for a preteen, apparently.

The speed at which you can do the paper round alters the profitability of the round, many children use a bicycle so that … so if you go to say 5 doors but they are all spread far apart you wont get much. The paper costs £1.80 delivered free to the customer and a lot of people give him £2, so for 100 papers he earns £10 in tips. I have just started my paper round in Bristol. He also posts a little Xmas card through the door the week before Xmas and gets £££s of Xmas tips the week after (his mum drives round with him to take care of the money). What makes a fair wage for a paper round?

In general though, you will be paid a lump sum depending on the size of the round, this can be anywhere between £4 and £20.The amount you get paid varies massively on the size of your paper round and the different newspapers you deliver. and the money is how many doors you go to. Traditionally the Sunday newspapers pay the least. Almost anyone over 12 years of age can get a paper round. i need: £40 for t4 on the beach £30 to go to town £11 for funderworld £10 for another easter fair £50 for my holiday at the end of may :D Smaller newsagents tend to pay less.

It's a common option for children, and some adults who can't or don't want to work more than a few hours a day.

This is on top of the 27p he earns per paper delivered. A good rate would be towards the £4 an hour. You have to be 13 or over to have a paper round.

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