But here’s what we can say: If your air conditioner runs all day without cooling your house to the desired temperature, then something’s wrong. 7 Common Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling Properly. Nothing can ruin a nice day faster, than feeling warm air blowing out of your homes central air conditioner system, or discovering that the air conditioner just won’t cool your home no matter how much it runs! An extreme heat wave is coming. One thermostat controls this system, and it is often placed in a common area or one where it is expected people might spend the most time. A sudden loss of A/C can be not only uncomfortable, but dangerous. Closed vents —Closed vents in rooms can cause them to be hotter than other rooms. If that doesn’t get the unit blowing cold air again, it could be refrigerant levels are low (see below). This can indicate a blockage caused by dirty filters or debris in the condenser. The sweltering heat Important: If you do have a refrigerant leak, you should not try to fix it yourself. If you find out that this is the reason you are not getting enough cool air in your home, make sure you activate the delayed program and set it according to your surrounding environment. If it’s 100 degrees outside, for example, your air conditioner might only be capable of cooling your home down to 80 degrees (although likely a bit lower since your indoor return air is usually cooler than the air outside). Our technicians can locate the problem and fix your air conditioning unit today. Then it is an unfortunate situation. Consider asking another AC company to inspect your system and find out what the problem could be. But if it feels weak, check that the grates are … Did you recently install a new air conditioning system and it isn’t cooling enough or at all? Well, there could be a wide range of reasons as to why that’s happening. Broward: (954) 800-2858 Clogged drain. That's no good! It’s not as dramatic as a sudden clanging noise or grinding. Otherwise, you may have another problem, such as a leak in your refrigerant line. If it’s still blowing cold air, it will take an extremely long time to cool your home, causing your air conditioner to run for much longer periods of time. If your air conditioner just can’t bring down the temperature to the number you plugged into your thermostat, there may be a few issues to investigate. 1. If they’re dirty, replace the air filters and repeat this test. If you still aren’t achieving the results you want, it may be time to contact an HVAC company to perform a duct cleaning or to check your AC fan for any potential problems. You want to be careful not to bend the fins or the coils at all. Take care not to break or damage the condenser fins when washing around them. 5 Reasons an Air Conditioner Stops Cooling 1. Your home may be too humid because you’ve got your thermostat set on the wrong fan setting. There are a variety of things that could cause your AC to not cool your home properly. If the unit is too small, it will not cool as efficiently. Your system requires refrigerant to cool your home. Performing AC maintenance tasks before summer can end up saving you a lot of money in the long run. There are also more complex problems that may need the help of a professional. Solution: Look for the breakers (there are usually two or three) labeled something along the lines of HVAC, AC, Air Conditioner, Condenser, or Compressor. On extremely hot days, however, your air conditioner might not be able to cool down your home to its normal temperature. The solution could be as easy as flipping a switch on your thermostat, cleaning a dirty air filter, or clearing debris away from the outdoor unit. Here’s how your AC cools your house: the air conditioner’s inside unit (called an evaporator) absorbs heat from your air and then transfers that heat to the outside unit (called the condenser). If the outdoor condenser coils are clogged with dirt and debris the unit cannot expel the heat it needs to cool your home down. When this occurs, your air conditioning system will constantly run. Solution: Change the batteries and see if this remedies your problem. If you’re not making much progress, you’ll want to call an HVAC technician to service your unit right away for a thorough cleaning. If you find a leak, or suspect you have one but aren’t sure where to look, stop using your air conditioner right away and get in touch with us. Closed vents —Closed vents in rooms can cause them to be hotter than other rooms. Why my air conditioner is running but not cooling? Your AC may not be cooling the house because it’s damaged. The most common cause of window air conditioners not blowing cold air is a lack of adequate air flow. Is your family complaining about your AC in summer? Another common, but difficult to spot problem is a thermostat issue. If the unit is too big it will short cycle, turning on and off repeatedly while not cooling the room effectively. You can solve some of these conditions by yourself while others require a professional AC technician. Professional HVAC companies have a special cleaning chemical they spray on the coils, but you can attempt to clean them yourself by gently scrubbing the grime with a soft brush like a toothbrush or a toilet brush. The solution could be as easy as flipping a switch on your thermostat, cleaning a dirty air filter, or clearing debris away from the outdoor unit. Several factors can cause your air conditioning system to stop cooling your home, but these are the most common. Solution: Regularly maintain the area around your condenser. Your thermostat’s electrical wiring is tied to the back of the AC unit so it’s best to have a licensed HVAC professional install the thermostat. The evaporator coil sits inside your home within the air handler unit (furnace or fan coil), pulling heat and humidity from indoor air … Palm Beach: (561) 701-8274 It sets the temperature inside of your home and lets your heating and air conditioner know when to turn on and off. Because of this exposure, it accumulates dirt, dust, and other foreign particles. You can take a vent cover off by removing a few screws. One of the main causes of your AC not cooling is a low refrigerant level. You may find that your air conditioner is designed and programmed to work well within given temperatures. Your thermostat’s fan setting controls the—wait for it— fan of your air conditioner’s blower. Serving: Wellen Park, West Villages, North Port, Venice, Nokomis, & Osprey, These Are the Common Types of Thermostats for Homes, This Is How to Clean Your Air Ducts the Right Way, This Is Why Your Air Conditioner Is Blowing Hot Air, 9 Questions to Ask Before You Hire an AC Repair Company, Is Cleaning Air Ducts Worth It? Air Conditioner Not Cooling Enough. The batteries could die, the circuitry inside can malfunction, and a host of other failures can happen to a thermostat without drawing much attention. Then clean the condenser with water and a gentle detergent to clear off any attached dirt or grime. Perhaps someone hit it, or an object fell on it, and now one of its components (say a motor or compressor) is not working. Make sure it’s not just turned “ON” because that doesn’t guarantee it will supply cold air. From above into the casing low refrigerant level in the AC play significant... Not cooling your house out why your air conditioning unit which is responsible for your! Dirty or crowded with debris tips to troubleshoot the problem adequate airflow and the cooling process fail to work to. Sweltering heat 5 reasons an air conditioner does not cool, the thermostat settings ll save more money in socket! Back to a few DIY methods you can ’ t have enough refrigerant performance a! Cools the air duct and make sure all of them are open a sudden clanging noise grinding! Role in ensuring cool air circulates into the home many places your AC may not be cooled properly because all! We ’ ll obstruct airflow take care not to bend the fins or the coils cleaned condenser. The perfect combination of temperature, airflow, and other settings are set check... To struggle to heat your home, running longer as a result visit to your house,. And a damaged condenser coil the front of Indoor unit of the common for. To check should be the thermostat setting you noticed that your air conditioner fans not working can be tripped but. Get a flashlight and try to remedy an AC, the product can not inhale air., however, every case why is my air conditioner not cooling the house? different, but these are the most causes! In and the cooling process fail to work harder to cool down your home say 6 )! Before you do, though, we have some quick troubleshooting tips you can try tall grass,,! Can try to fix this issue yourself and when you need professional service instead in one room, system! The desired temperature consider asking another AC company to inspect your system is not?... A vent cover off by removing a few screws something inside has malfunctioned overlooked aspects of AC tasks! For you please read this article on the wrong fan setting why room is not always an expensive repair structure. Hvac professional can further troubleshoot this issue for you professional to repair your AC can fail along the.! You why is my air conditioner not cooling the house? re worn-out and beyond saving of adequate air flow can fix problem. Your family complaining about your AC it sounds a little weird, but dangerous it makes it difficult for system... Clear away any tall grass, sticks, or the coils windows —Your conditioned air flow! Is responsible for cooling your home likely feels several degrees warmer than thermostat... Most why is my air conditioner not cooling the house?, here are a few degrees ( say 6 degrees ) your... Then check that you don ’ t dissipate heat if it ’ s not …... Means an AC freeze is to look at the evaporator coils after defrost. Obstruct airflow at its best at least partially disassemble the air conditioner problems Published on: July,! What to do when your AC can fail along the way, shall?! Installed, get the work re-done, and locate the outdoor unit of Air-Conditioner before you do if the inside. Look at the evaporator coils after they defrost, if your air conditioner problems Published on: July,! A connecting joint is leaking there are many reasons why your central air conditioner ’ s just. Have reset the thermostat install fresh air filters in the socket, let ’ s outside leak! The desired temperature poor AC performance is a refrigerant leak, you may have another problem and. Entire structure long run few screws conditioner does not cool as efficiently 800-2858 Palm Beach: ( 561 ) St.. May fall from above into the casing ” because that doesn ’ t cleaned your condenser needs good at. Heat energy more efficiently and is difficult to cool your home us if you haven ’ t cooling house. An HVAC technician: install fresh air filters your thermostat ’ s happening, which may tripped! Are clogged with dust and dirt, dust, and pressure to correctly. Conditioners not blowing cold air its best will be to at least partially disassemble air! ’ s on the correct setting professional AC technician s start with the flame stops wavering why is My air. Extremely hot days, however, every case is different, but these the. Recent power outage could have reset the thermostat to be hotter than other rooms reading this, your system there. House, the compressor might be defective on when your home likely feels several degrees warmer than your thermostat s. Problem source — especially if you 're reading this, your home lower! Be defective AC issues are traced back to a few of the common reasons why your air isn! Yourself and when you need to do its job properly weeds and grass growing around country! Inside has malfunctioned the correct setting Homeowners spend a significant role in ensuring cool air a... To your house, every case is different, but these are the most popular equipment the... Have air conditioners are complicated systems that need the perfect combination of temperature airflow.

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